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101 Easy Science Projects.
Downloadable e-book with step by step instructions for lots of easy science projects for kids in grades K - 12.

More Fun - Less Work Parenting Method.
New curiosity based system dissolves power struggles, tantrums, whining. Turns kids into happy cooperative family team members.

FaithBuilders - Family Ministry Resource.
Discussion starters for families seeking to nurture the faith development of their kids.

Parenting Secrets By Mother Of Five.
Raising Kids With Life Skills makes both parenting and growing up easier to do.

Internet Filtering Software.
Internet Filtering / Parental Control and Network Monitoring software that protects kids from harmful information.

Soccer Drills And Soccer Practice Plans.
soccer drills (300) and soccer practice plans (40) for kids, youth, competitive and indoor soccer. Download-Print-Practice!

Sudoku For Kids - 120 Printable Sudoku.
120 Printable Sudoku Puzzles for Children - Available for Instant Download.

Kids Eco Activity eBook.
Fun and entertainment for kids between the ages of 5 to 12 years old - includes games and puzzles - tree planted for each book!

Have Fun With Kids Anywhere And Anytime.
Be the wonderful, fun, smart parent you always knew you were! 136 fun things to do anytime, anywhere.

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