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Bad Dad: 10 Keys To Regaining Trust.
Become the loving parent you were meant to be. Weekly parenting tips, special reports and real-life parenting experience.

Better Behavior Wheel Parenting Tool.
An upbeat, fun parenting tool for parents wishing to manage their behavior challenged kids.

eBook, online seminar, free advice.

A Better Style Of Parenting.
Peaceful Parenting Now - Secrets to Successful Parenting.

More Fun - Less Work Parenting Method.
New curiosity based system dissolves power struggles, tantrums, whining. Turns kids into happy cooperative family team members.

Practical Parenting Advice.
Free parenting advice and support on children's behaviour.

Parenting Secrets By Mother Of Five.
Raising Kids With Life Skills makes both parenting and growing up easier to do.

Parenting Toolbox Exclusive Membership.
Powerful tools for parenting!

Parenting Book - How To Parent Together!
Parenting book by parent / child relationship expert helps parents with discipline, step parenting & blended family issues.